Recycling Is Everyone's Responsibility

Recycle your old electronics in 3 easy steps:

  1. Click the Recycle Now button.
  2. Complete the form and print your shipping label.
  3. Pack your items and send them to us.

Why Recycle Your Phone?

ZTE USA encourages everyone to do their part in creating a healthier environment. That’s why we offer a free electronic device take back program that recycles old, broken or unwanted electronics in a safe and responsible manner. We rely upon R2-certified recyclers with industry-leading data sanitation and security tools to protect you against data theft.

What is R2?

The R2 Standard focuses on the performance of electronics recyclers in the areas of:

  • Environmental and public health
  • Worker health and safety
  • Security(data and facility)
  • The entire recycling process and chain of custody of materials through final disposition

Companies choose an R2 recycler for security and compliance. An R2 certification addresses all areas of concern from data breach due to improperly discarded IT equipment to reuse and remarketing.